Secure your spot at Seafood Cove located at Hutchins Park in Havre de Grace, MD, during the Waterfront Festival, August 21st through the 22nd. 


All food styles/cuisines (even those non-seafood) welcomed and encouraged to participate. 


Organizers of this event will focus to make sure that food vendors participating at Seafood Cove have non-overlapping menus between participants in an effort to reduce competition for those food vendors. 


If opting for the One-Day spot please be sure to specify which day you would like to participate. Either Saturday or Sunday.


The following information displays the general guidlines listed on the application. After payment is submitted the application document will download:


GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR VENDORS 1. Acceptance is first come, first served based on space availability. Notice of acceptance or non-acceptance will be emailed to the applicant. Once notified, the applicant will have 24 hours to make payment to reserve the space as it is very limited. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any application. No refunds will be given for fees, unless request is made at least 30 days prior to the Festival and space can be resold. In all events, cancellations by Vendor are subject to a $40 cancellation fee and there are no refunds granted for cancellations within 30 days of the event. No refunds granted for Vendor that do not show up and they are subject to not being invited back to the festival. 2. Payment is to be made via Please return the completed application to and 3. This is an outdoor rain-or-shine event, please come prepared for the weather. Vendors will be under our tent; no need to provide your own. In case of severe weather, the event will be canceled no later than 2 hours prior to set-up time, and you will be notified by email. 4. Festival hours are Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 2pm – 7pm and Sunday, August 22, 2021 from 12pm - 5pm. Day 1: Vendors may set up anytime on Saturday beginning at 11:00am, but must be set up by 1:00pm. Day 2: Vendors may set up anytime on Sunday beginning at 9:00am, but must be set up by 11:00am. To ensure the best experience for our patrons, you may not break down early under any circumstances, rain or shine, hot or cold, day or night. You may begin the breakdown of your space at the end of each festival day (Saturday - 7pm, Sunday - 5pm). Anyone arriving late, leaving before closing or breaking down during Festival hours without permission from the chair may be denied entrance to future Festivals. The above breakdown times are the required minimum stay; however, vendors are welcome to stay longer. Please note: The parks will remain closed overnight between Saturday and Sunday; therefore, you have the option of leaving your booth in place for the next day. However, please know that the City of Havre de Grace nor the Havre de Grace Alliance/Waterfront Festival will be responsible for any damages or theft. There will be stepped-up regular police patrols through the area, but there is not a security detail assigned solely to that area. Should you decide to leave it, please be sure it is secured, and all merchandise is packed away. 5. All exhibitors MUST follow Festival personnel directions regarding vehicles on grounds during the Festival. When unloading, all exhibitors are expected to unload and then move vehicles to the designated parking area before setting up their tent. During Festival breakdown, traffic will not be permitted on Festival grounds until approval is given by Festival security. Anyone entering the grounds in their vehicle without consent may be denied access to future Festivals. 6. Vendors are responsible for any damages resulting from their use of the space. 7. All food vendor tables must be attended during the hours the event is in operation as outlined above. If an emergency arises and a vendor must close before the end of the event, all goods and equipment must be promptly removed from the event area; however, vehicle access to the event area in this circumstance will be at the discretion of the Event Coordinator. 8. Vendors shall be responsible for handling all their own security, cash, point of sale transactions and other financial dealings. MacGregor’s Restaurant assumes no responsibility for cash, merchandise, personal or business property which is lost, stolen or damaged during the course of the event. 9. Your space fee entitles you to a 10' X 10’ area. Tent will be provided and vendors can cook and serve directly from their table. You may not enlarge your space outside the assigned area. You must provide your own tables, linens, etc. A limited amount of ice will be available for sale on-site. There are no restrictions on signage but it must remain within the confines of your space. All vendors will be required to have sanitizer at their booth/table. 10.Fryers must have catch pans/plywood underneath. Fryers and all equipment must be removed within 2 hours of closing; however, situations do occur and exceptions can be made. Practice safe hygiene. All vendors must practice Maryland Health Department rules for food safety and MUST OBTAIN A HARFORD COUNTY TEMPORARY FOOD LICENSE or utilize their catering license for this event. 11. Vendors must remove all trash and clear their area prior to leaving. 12.Your menu and price list must be included with your application. Food vendors may not serve any alcoholic beverages or non-alcoholic beverages. Seafood Coves reserves the right to deny display and sale of any items deemed inappropriate for any reason. Prices must be prominently displayed at your space during the event. A menu of all items with prices will be posted on our website in advance. Please offer a few items that are Seafood related. We ask for Menu items to ensure a variety and avoid dish competition. 13.Vendors shall refrain from disorderly conduct, antagonism, vocal and vitriolic criticism of other Vendors, the general public, or all employees of the City of Havre de Grace during the course of the event. Any action on the part of any vendor which requires the intervention of the Havre de Grace Police or Events Coordinator shall be deemed cause for immediate expulsion of said vendor subject to the discretion of the Event Coordinator and may result in omission in participating in future City-sponsored events. 14.Vendors are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages or smoke in Hutchins Park. 15.Vendors may, at their discretion, make marketing materials, advertising, artwork (either electronic or printed material) available to MacGregor’s for use in advance publicity for the event and its participants. 16.Vendors shall abide by all Havre de Grace Alliance Covid-19 protocol and regulations

Food Vendor Two-Day Spot