• $1 off all beer, wine, and cocktails

• $1 off all to-go 32 oz. drinks

• 5% off all food purchases

• Free delivery (when offered)

• Mug Club Wednesdays

Just $29.99

Forgot your Mug?

No problem

Each mug club membership comes with a mug and a Mug Club Member Card which allows the same perks of the membership even when you don't have the mug with you!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, mugs cannot be kept at MacGregor's Restaurant. We also ask that mugs are cleaned thoroughly before being brought back into the restaurant. MacGregor's staff will clean the mug for you at the end of your visit. 

How to become a member?

Easy. Stop into MacGregor's and ask a server or bartender that you'd like to become a Mug Club Member.

So, how exactly does it work?

Now, just a few rules (of course):

Mug or Mug Club Membership Card must be present at time of visit to receive Mug Club Discounts/Rewards. Mugs and Mug Club Membership Cards are non transferable and identification may be requested as proof of ownership, however, not necessarily required. Mug Club Membership perks are not to be combined with any other discounts or running promotions, which include but are not limited to "Daily Specials" and "Happy Hour'' promotions. Mug Club Membership expires one year from date of purchase but may renewed for a $10.00 renewal fee unless a new Mug is also needed in which case the initial fee of $29.99 will be requested. If opting to not renew Mug Club Membership, MacGregor's asks that the Mug is either forfeited or not to be brought back into the restaurant/tavern. Mug Club delivery perk is available only when MacGregor's Restaurant is offering delivery services. By purchasing a Mug and becoming a Mug Club Member you acknowledge and agree to these rules as they are written.

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